a bi-directional communication paradigm for programming languages & microcontrollers

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    MaxMSP Model #2: Input

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    ~~~~~~~ arduivis - MaxMSP ~~~~~~~
    ~~~~~~~~ model#2: input ~~~~~~~~~
    MaxMSP: arduivis_model2_MaxMSP_input.maxpat
    This is an example of how to read a slider from 
    MaxMSP and write the values to a PWM LED connected
    to an Arduino.
    This code is in the public domain
    written by Christopher Konopka
    void setup() 
      //  Create/open serial port
      // Define LED mode 
      // PWM LED  
        pinMode(ledpin, OUTPUT);
    void loop() 
      // Slider from MaxMSP 
        int maxmspSlider;
      // Parse incoming MaxMSP slider values
      // from MaxMSP, to Arduino    
        maxmspSlider = Serial.parseInt();  
      // Write parsed values to LEDs
      // Fading LED
      // from MaxMSP, to Arduino    
        analogWrite(3, maxmspSlider);


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