a bi-directional communication paradigm for programming languages & microcontrollers

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    Where to start?

    The best place to start is to brainstorm what type of connectivity is required for the current project. Then, after a plan is formulated, select a programming language that would work best with the plan. Once a language is selected, look at the models available for the selected language to see which would fit the communication style. Each model provides an example of a communication style that works with a microcontroller. The code is modularly constructedso it can be easily incorporated into any project. Below is the list of materials needed to use any of the arduivis patches. This list is periodically updated.

    Many Possible Connections

    Model Types

    Examples of these model types can be found in the selected programming language


    This is a list of motors, sensors, breakout board, etc. which have been used with arduivis

  1. Senors
  2. Wireless
  3. Breakout Boards
  4. Components
  5. LEDs/LCDs
  6. Motors